Whiling Away The Time

Okay. I’m finished with the unnecessary melodramatics.

I’ve been trying to think of a new topic, and I can’t think of one. I did try looking to Mother Nature for inspiration, but she just dumped a load of white powder on the floor.

(Make of that what you will.)

I could update you on my life. Is that of interest to anyone? I mean, I’m barely interested, and it’s my life.

But I have very little else to discuss, so here we are.

I tried exercising? Which was unremarkable, if you ignore the part where I nearly fell over from exertion at the end. My legs still hurt. I’m trying yoga instead. I did it for a little while, but I kept falling asleep. So here’s to Round 2.

I borrowed some more books. Not that I’ve finished reading the ones from before, I just couldn’t help it. I have very poor impulse control.

… I have obtained Netflix. But it’s kind of exhausting watch TV shows right now. I’m preferring films, because then the whole plot is condensed into a 2 hour session. (Well, the English ones. Indian films are entirely another matter.)

No real drama in the flat I’m in. I live with 5 other girls, and we’re all still talking, so that’s good.

Since my last post, I have written outlines for 3 different book ideas, 2 film scripts and a poem. I still don’t like the poem.

(Speaking of poems, I’m still obsessed with Rumi, but I’ve accepted that I can’t do that, so I’ve resigned myself to simply enjoying his eloquence.)

I’m broke. Unreservedly. But I am a university student, and that’s to be expected.

And that’s it.

Well, aside from the effects of global warming outside my window, which means I am currently looking out to a barrage of snow, when March is tomorrow.


(Image taken from: https://www.channel4.com/news/by/liam-dutton/blogs/why-you-shouldnt-believe-a-uk-snow-forecast-more-than-three-days-ahead)


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